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We bring ORDER and SIMPLICITY to busy professionals and homeowners like you. Decluttering and organization will make a world of difference in your household as we remove the excess, focus on the essentials, and transform your home into the peaceful, welcoming ‘Home Sweet Home’ you deserve.

DECLUTTER Your Home • CLEAR Your Mind • ENJOY Your Life : )

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It’s more than a service, it’s an experience!

Whether you’re preparing to downsize for a move, need help unpacking and making your new house feel like home, or just want to find peace where you are, our organizing services are customized to meet your specific needs.

Having Julie Organize You will :

Remove the stress and anxiety caused by clutter
Help you with the tough decisions along the way
Teach you strategies to help you stay organized
Give you TIME for what matters most.

Finally, you will…

Love what you have, fiind joy, i can't find anything

Go from feeling stressed and overwhelmed to overJOYed with just one session!

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“We are so THRILLED to be on our 2nd day! It already feels so GOOD! Julie Schmolke is super-fast, creative, professional and WONDERFUL! She also makes it FUN which is a HUGE plus! This is for my mom and stepdad’s place. They’ve collected things for years without purging, so it’s going to be a long project. It was overwhelming for us, and now it’s a massive relief! Don’t wait to do this – it’s worth every penny!”

Kathryn H.

“Julie was absolutely amazing in her skills at organizing my mess of a wardrobe, as well as all the thought-provoking tips and mindful placement of every item. Thank you, Thank you, for the “JOY” I have every time I walk into my closet.”
Jen F.

“Julie is teaching me a lot about letting go of things and organizing. I could never attain what I’m attaining without her help. She is pleasant to work with.”
Gi M.

“Julie helped me sort items to keep, sell, or give away/donate as I am in the process of downsizing my belongings. She kept things on track and moving, and took the donations to Goodwill. She even cleaned off a dirty sidewalk while I was busy doing other things. Great value for the money, and very motivating.”
Susan M.

“Julie has added an immediate boost to my personal life AND my business life. She is an INCREDIBLE ORGANIZER! She’s very good at working to purge useless items, then once she’s minimized and sorted your items, she works extremely fast and efficiently to organize it to every detail. She has done an amazing job with every home that she’s organized for me. She’s also an excellent home stager and a very positive person to work with. I highly recommend Julie and her business!”
Laurie T. , Realtor

“See that smile on the Y? It’s how you will feel when you invite Julie to do her magic. I’ve done it 3x, and, it always gets better. Plus you have FUN!

Look at that smile! That’s me, with a soothing and well-settled home. She is amazingly fast and has an incredible ability to capture your thinking, bring in her own energy and vision, and, make you feel like the best organized and most serene person on the planet.

See the smiling face on the Y? That’s how you’ll feel when Julie is at YOUR house. Go for it…and do it now.”
Betsy B.

“Julie is creative and has an amazing eye for organizing pretty much anything! You will be very happy with her results! She did a fabulous job for me.”
Michelle J.


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