Closet Conquest

J.O.Y Home Organizing was called to help this busy Realtor make the most of her new master closet system. We brought in an extra double garment rack to use for sorting and categorizing all items before situating everything in the closet, organized for ease of use. Work clothes to the right, running clothes to the left. Dresses in the back. Easy.

“Hello Joy,

I have been meaning to reach out to you and let you know how thrilled I am with my closet. It is still joyous every day and I am working toward moving my house into (his) and having you back out. It’s been crazy…I will reach out to you in the upcoming months to have you come and do a little more magic.”

I’d love to help you start your day from an organized closet, too!

For more pictures of this awesome closet transformation, click here.

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