A Letter Full of Gratitude

It’s been 3 years since I started this journey, and lately I have been thinking about how fortunate I am to be working in this field.

I am so blessed to be of service to my clients who are courageously embracing change and seeking peace and calm during this challenging time. When we are stuck at home, being organized makes ‘home’ a more comfortable place to be. Helping to create your home ‘sweet’ home is so exciting and rewarding!

There is nothing better than to receive feedback after a visit that exudes an energy of confidence, momentum and delight! : ) I can feel their relief through the phone/computer, or see it on their face. What a JOY it is for me to be a part of their transformation: any small shift that makes life easier, more enjoyable, makes it ok to let go, or offers a client a chance to believe more fully in themselves and what they desire.

I am eternally grateful to be let in on this small piece of peace that my clients are feeling. It is contagious and inspires me to continue to seek hope + and growth in myself.

Thank you!

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