Bon Voyage: Travel + Packing Tips

Sharing a few of my favorite travel/packing tips:

1. Pack light! I know, always easier said than done. : /

2. Use packing cubes to keep all categories of clothes contained. They REALLY came in handy when our tiny Naples hotel room didn’t have a dresser.

3. Take a photo of where you parked your car at the airport. One less thing to remember. Just reference your picture when you arrive home.

4. I love my ‘Random Crap’ bag for just that: headphones, phone chargers, chap stick and tissues.) Easily find things needed in flight.

5. Use S-hooks or carabiners to hook water bottle or bag to the back of the seat.

6. Enjoy you life and loved ones and be grateful for your time adventuring and making memories.

7. My darling surprised me with a late upgrade for a comfy ride home in Delta One! An early 20th anniversary present. Since we hadn’t bought any souvenirs, this is the best possible treat to remember from our trip. I felt like a kid at Disneyland. <3!

8. Travel makes you richer. Buy experiences, not things, and you’ll never run out of space.


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