There’s No Place Like Home…Office + Creative Study Space

Upon completion of this project, the whole family was delighted with my organizing and design solution to transform a former playroom into a more grown-up combined home office + creative/study place for father and daughter to share. A great variety of different art supplies were categorized and contained into separate bins allowing for easy retrieval and for her creativity to flourish!

Sometimes it just takes a trained outside eye to come up with the perfect solution. It was a very satisfying job for both the client and myself.

Left Side


Right Side

Client’s Comment:
“Julie thank you again for tackling this project! It feels so great to have it done and they both love their office space and I love going by and seeing a clean and organized space! We also took your suggestion and moved her “collection” to the closet.  😊 Thank you again- I’ve been handing out your cards and recommending you to all my friends who could use your magic!”