Virtual Organizing for Safe@Home and Beyond

I’d love to help make your home a more comfortable space in which to be quarantined.🏡 I am a very hands on organizer, but since we arent allowed to be together for now, this is the next best thing I can offer.

If you are a motivated, D-I-Y kind of person wishing to get organized, but need some guidance, a 1-Hour Virtual Home Organizing Consultation can help you get started. Call 952/451-4667 for a free 15-minute chat to see if VO is right for you. 😃

✅ Be safe.
✅ Stay in.
✅ Love your home.

👩‍⚕️ 20% off for Healthcare Workers, EMTs and other overwhelmed essential workers.


Get Organized Month Special

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Get 20% off your first decluttering session with JOY Home Organizing.

January is GO Month – [G]et [O]rganized. If you made this a resolution, but don’t know how–or where–to start, we can help you begin 2020 with less stress and more serenity. Letting go of the things you don’t use, love or need opens room in your home for peace, calm and new joys.

JOY Home Organizing will be the supportive and gentle push you need to get unstuck, get your home organized, and get you back to enjoying what matters most.

Each session includes:
• Identifying your expectations and goals.
• 3 hours of hands-on decluttering, purging and organizing.
• Setting your priorities and forming a customized-organizing plan.
• New organizing system and storage supply suggestions.
• Removal and delivery of donations.

Contact us to schedule a free Initial Phone Consult, or a date to jump in and get right to work. Take advantage of this 20% off deal and make it a great year!

Happy New Year!

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Reference 2020 offer for discount. Offer good for sessions booked by 1-31-2020.