How It Works

Phone Consultation

We invite you to begin with a complimentary 30-minute introductory phone consultation to discuss the specifics of your organizing project. Which parts of your home are currently causing you distress? Following this initial conversation, we will schedule an in-home consultation to evaluate your needs and determine if JOY Home Organizing (JOY) is the right solution for you.

In-Home Assessment

The In-Home Assessment (IHA) is a casual 1-on-1 appointment where I walk you through JOY’s services and processes in person. Together we will tour your home and review your areas of concern, discuss your home’s workflow and your goals for the project. I will develop a strategic plan, beginning with addressing your primary concerns.

If you are not prepared to schedule a consultation at this time, or if you require additional information, please feel free to reach out to me via message. When you are ready, we can arrange for an appointment. Thank you.

[Many clients opt to skip the initial home assessment (IHA) and go straight into organizing their space. Sharing photos prior to our phone consultation is a helpful way for me to better understand your space.]

Getting You Organized

Our first organizing session begins with a walkthrough of your space (if not previously conducted) and includes a detailed discussion of your objectives, design preferences, past successes, and challenges. Then we get to putting your space in order! We can work together side-by-side the whole time, or I can work on my own with intermittent input from you.

My extensive professional background, keen sense of design, proactive approach, and commitment to achieving results will keep the process on track, while your involvement ensures that the implemented systems are tailored to your specific requirements, routines, and tastes.

How long will it take?

We book the session for a minimum of 3 hours. While each client’s situation is unique (depending on your ability to make decisions), 3 hours can be enough to complete a small project, such as a small closet or bedroom, while larger projects are better suited to multiple sessions of 3 – 6 hours each.

The final 20 minutes of each session are dedicated to tidying and wrapping up the day’s project, then reviewing our progress, collecting payment, and scheduling a follow-up appointment. 📆