How It Works

Phone Consultation

We’ll start with a FREE 30 minute ‘get to know you’ phone consultation to discuss the basics of your situation and organizing project. Which area(s) of your home are causing you emotional stress? The next step is an on-site in-home consultation to assess your situation and see if JOY Home Organizing (JOY) is a good fit for you.

In-Home Assessment

The In-Home Assessment (IHA) is a casual 1-on-1 appointment where I walk you through JOY’s services and processes in person. Together we will tour your home and review your areas of concern, discuss your home’s workflow and needs, and your goals for the project.

I will set up a plan of attack; starting with the area that troubles you the most.

Not ready to book a consultation quite yet, or just want more info? No problem – just send me a message! When you’re ready, we can schedule an appointment.

Getting You Organized

Our first organizing session starts with a tour of your space (if we haven’t had the IHA) and involves a lot of questions about your goals, visual style, what has worked and not worked for you in the past. Then we get to putting your space in order! We can work together side-by-side the whole time, or I can work on my own with intermittent input from you.

My professional experience, aesthetic sense, energy, and can-do attitude keeps the process on track, while your involvement ensures that the systems we implement are suited to your own needs, habits, and preferences.

How long will it take?

We book by the session with a minimum of 3 hours. While each client’s situation is unique (depending on your ability to make decisions), 3 hours can be enough to complete a small project, such as a closet or bedroom, while larger projects are better suited to multiple sessions of 3 – 6 hours each. A pre-paid multi-session package is recommended in time-sensitive situations such as selling your home.

The final 20 minutes of each session are dedicated to tidying and wrapping up the day’s project, then reviewing our progress, collecting payment, and scheduling a follow-up appointment. 📆