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Moving is exciting, yet can be stressful, time-consuming + overwhelming. There is SO much stuff to go through before you can even start packing.

JOY Home Organizing can assist you on both sides of your move by helping you:  Donate + Discard,  Declutter • Pack • Stage. Then Un-Pack, Organize +  Set up your new home!

Together, will help make your transition less stressful, more efficient, and faster than you ever thought possible! Moving with JOY Home Organizing makes getting your home in order less daunting and more DOable.

Packing + Pre-Move Preparation

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The items in your home will be properly packed and ready for when the movers arrive. This will allow for an easy and organized unpack on moving day or soon after.

Let us:

• Declutter and organize cabinets, closets, surfaces,
• Haul your discards to a donation center,
• Recommend trusted contractors and cleaning services,
• Lightly stage your home for a quick sale,
• Get your home on the market faster!

UnPacking | New Home Set-Up

Boxes to Beautiful

Enjoy your new home sooner with JOY Home Organizing’s help.
When the movers have your boxes in place, we will come and:

• Unpack all boxes and make a home for everything,
• Organize your kitchen and pantry – creating a logical flow + function,
• Fill your closet + optimize the use of your new space,
• Flatten boxes + collect packing materials,
• Style and decorate your home, as desired.

Home Sweet Home unpackme

Best of all, your items will be unpacked + put away in the most organized way! We will take your home from boxes to BEAUTIFUL, and leave you feeling organized, in control, + ready to enJOY your new home sweet home.
(Will travel for unpacking + home set up if your move is out of state. ✈️)

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*NOTE TO REALTORS:  JOY Home Organizing’s services make a great housewarming gift for new homeowners. Ask about our special rates.

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