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You’d like to reclaim that peaceful, easy feeling coming home used to provide, but you can’t find the time or are stumped on how to start. . . so you don’t. Sound familiar?

Let’s work together to restore your home’s balance and create an environment of peace and harmony; free of the  stress and anxiety caused by clutter. JOY will haul away your donations at the end of each visit, too. So that’s done.

A single 3 or 4 hour session will reveal how a cleared and organized space can replace the “aargh” you’ve been feeling with an “aaah” of serenity, and leave you wanting more…

Your home is your sanctuary, so let’s get started today!

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Moving? Decluttered Houses Sell 60% FASTER and for 20% MORE!

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Moving Is Exciting…but also Stressful.
Don’t let the dread of needing to declutter, purge and pack everything,  then unpack and get settled into your new home rob you of that JOY We can help you on both ends of the process!

PreMove Preparation

We will:
• Declutter and organize cabinets, closets, surfaces
• Pack items strategically for easy retrieval
• Create a ‘pack last/open first’ box of the essentials
• Haul discards to a donation center
• Recommend trusted contractors and cleaning services
• Lightly stage your home for a quick sale
• Get your home on the market faster!

empty flat moving boxes

UnPack / Move In

• Unpack everything and flatten boxes
• Organize your kitchen, pantry, closets, etc…as we go
• Arrange your furniture and belongings to create a logical flow and function
• Closet-space organization and redesign, if needed
• Hang pictures and help you decorate

We will leave you feeling organized and in control, ready to put your feet up, relax and ENJOY your new home!

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Personal Assistant

personal assistant helping hands

Have a never-ending to-do list? Let us make your life EASIER.

JOY can partner with you for a one-time project (like preparing for a party) or as an on-going service to help you conquer the busy-ness of life.

Services include:
• Holiday and Seasonal Decorating:  Set-up, Tear-down and Repack
• Shopping, Gift Wrapping and Holiday Cards
• Party Planning +  Event Prep  [Birthday, Graduation, … I do Face Painting, too!
• Garden Set Up | Clean Up
• Coordinating with Other Service Providers

What can we help you with?

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