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Who has the TIME?
Where do you even BEGIN?

Call JOY Home Organizing! We will guide you through our proven process to regain control and create peaceful surroundings in your home; free from the anxiety caused by too much clutter.  JOY will even remove and deliver your donations after each visit, so you are left with only the things you need, use or love.

Book a 3-hour JUMPSTART TO JOY to restore your home’s balance and replace the “AARGH” of clutter + chaos with a calm + cozy “Aaah.”  :  )

Your home is your sanctuary. What are you waiting for?

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moving help pack stage

We understand that moving–while as exciting as it is–can also be stressful, time-consuming, and overwhelming. You find your perfect dream home,  but then your house needs to be ready to show ASAP.  There’s so much stuff to go through – to declutter, donate or discard – before you can even start packing.

JOY Home Organizing is here to help make that transition stress-free and efficient. We can assist you on both sides of your move by helping you:  Declutter • Purge • Pack • Stage |  Un-Pack • Organize •  Get You Settled In! 

Pre-Move Preparation

Our busy hands will lighten your load!
Let us:

• Declutter and organize cabinets, closets, surfaces
• Pack items strategically for easy retrieval
• Create a ‘pack last/open first’ box of the essentials
• Haul your discards to a donation center
• Recommend trusted contractors and cleaning services
• Lightly stage your home for a quick sale
• Get your home on the market faster!

UnPack / Move-In Service

Enjoy your new home sooner by having JOY Home Organizing :

• Unpack all boxes and make a home for everything
• Organize your kitchen and pantry – creating a logical flow and function
• Closet-space organization and, if needed, suggest a redesign
• Flatten boxes and collect packing materials
• Help you hang pictures and decorate if desired.

We will take your home from boxes to BEAUTIFUL, and leave you feeling organized, in control, and ready to relax and enJOY your new home!

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Personal Assistant

personal assistant helping hands

Have a never-ending to-do list? Let us make your life EASIER.

JOY can partner with you for a one-time project (like preparing for a party) or as an ongoing service to help you conquer the busyness of life. Services include:
• Selling items online
• Manage Contractors
• Party Planning +  Event Prep  [Birthday, Graduation, … I do Face Painting, too!
• Garden Set Up | Clean Up

How can we help you?

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Holiday Helper

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The holidays are a busy time of the year, so let JOY help you get organized for them. Enjoy your time with family and friends more without the extra stress!
We can help with:
• Holiday Decorating:  Put up décor (indoor or front porch).
• Shopping • Gift Wrapping
• Clear out the guest bedroom.
• Organize a shopping list and do holiday shopping for you.
• Create a wrapping station and wrap gifts for you.
• Address or mail holiday cards, invitations.
• Décor Tear Down > Organize > Repack > Store.

Give yourself the gift of finally getting organized to take the stress out of your holidays. (JOY’s services make a great gift, too. )

ready to get organized