Ordering up a Happy New Year!

The new year is a perfect time to stop procrastinating, and to start organizing your home and life! Setting a resolution means investing in and striving to better yourself, which is always a worthwhile ambition. Yet a resolution remains undoable until it is translated into a GOAL.

Gretchen Rubin, author of Outer Order, Inner Calm: Declutter and Organize to Make More Room for Happiness, says, ”In the context of a happy life, a messy desk or a crowded coat closet is a trivial problem – yet getting control of the stuff of life often makes it easier to feel more in control of our lives generally.”

Most homes and spaces do not become disorganized overnight, but gradually over time, so it will require hours or days to work through the contents of a space and restore it to order.

If finally getting organized is your resolution this year, here are some tips to consider to set yourself up for success:

    Making excessively-large goals, then being too overwhelmed to start them, just makes us feel bad for not following through. Breaking your big-picture organizing goals down into smaller steps will help you to actually achieve them. Instead of the daunting resolution to ‘Organize My Kitchen,’ break it down to:
    a) Sort, purge and organize the drawers; then
    b) Organize the cupboards; then
    c) Clean out the fridge.

    Then you can move on to the next room.

Life is so much better when your home is organized. When everything has a place, it’s easier to make the daily effort to put things away where they belong, and avoid the stress of overwhelming clutter. Online shopping has made it so simple to fill our homes with stuff, but we have to remember that there is a limit to the space. Don’t bring anything new into your home unless you know where you’re going to keep it.

The 80-20 rule, also known as the Pareto Principle, is applied here thusly: we wear only 20% of our clothing 80% of the time.

Minimalist Joshua Becker says, “The first step in crafting the life you want is to get rid of everything you don’t.” Do you have a closet full of unworn clothes, undesired gifts or things you were going to use ‘someday’? Clothes that are worn or don’t fit, duplicates of kitchen items, or exercise equipment that has become a clothes rack? If you have piles of things you don’t need, use or love, LET IT GO! It is mentally freeing, as well as freeing up space in your home. Even if it was a gift, it is ok to donate it to let someone else enjoy it, and you can let go of the guilt, as well.

Hold on to things that matter. Let go of the things that don’t

Make your bed daily, pay your bills weekly, and clean out your purse monthly. Set milestones where, if achieved, you can treat yourself to something fun. Say, if you clean out your closet of things you haven’t worn in years, you get to go shop for a new outfit. JOY! Once you start organizing, it gets easier, and you’ll want to keep going. Don’t let the pressure for perfection keep you from taking that first step. Just making the decision to start organizing will make you feel better.

5. Be Grateful…

The state of your home reflects your state of mind. Getting organized is a sign of self-respect and creates room for who you want to be. And, the more clutter you lose, the more joy you will find.

If you and your family lack the time or motivation, consider hiring a professional organizer. They will not only de-clutter your home, but bring some sanity to your life.

Be grateful for the blessings that you have, and cheers to 2022 being the year you surround yourself with only the things you need, use or love!



Ready for a Home Edit in 2021?

Have you seen the Netflix shows The Home Edit, and Tidy Up with Marie Kondo? Well, I am a Professional Organizer based right here in Minnesota. We can help you lose clutter, create organizing systems, find joy, and even make a rainbow–if that’s your thing.

In January, NAPO (the National Assoc. of Productivity and Organizing Professionals) celebrates GO Month – Get Organized. Getting organized is a common New Year’s Resolutions, and a fresh start will be extra helpful after the year we’ve had!

With more people working from home, kids home from school, and people’s stress levels through the roof, getting organized is more important than ever! It is a BIG stress reliever and will help to reduce your mental stress – as well as household clutter.

I will come in (or ZOOM) and assess your needs, then make and set in motion a customized plan to get you organized. My brain starts immediately concocting solutions and clever ways to help you make room for what you love, AND I will remove everything you don’t. Donation removal and delivery are included in every service. [I like to help local organizations before just bringing everything to the ‘big charities’.]

Now booking for January to help you start the year off right! Click the button to get on our schedule. : )

ready to get organized

Lose clutter. Find JOY. LOVE YOUR HOME!

PS. I have had COVID-19, but I will wear gloves and a mask–if requested–for in-home service.